Study after Caravaggio

Practical Research

These are the progression steps of my study of Boy bitten by a lizard by Caravaggio

Figure 1 underdrawing

Figure 2 development of Bruneille stage 1

Figure 3 development of Bruneille stage 2

Figure 4 Development of Bruneille stage 3

Figure 5 First glaze

Figure 6 second glaze

Figure 7 Third glaze

Figure 8 Fourth glaze

Figure 9 Tonal check

Figure 10 Study after Caravaggio, oil on board 49.5cm x 66cm

I will probably put a couple more glazes on the still life part but essentially I am happy with it.

Looking back is not something I like to do, but looking back to the Mona Lisa of Assignment 1 I can see now how far My technique has improved over the time of this course. I would have ended up with a Mona Lisa but I would still have been working on it now and it would have been heavy with repaints. I painted this several years ago before I ever started this course, it won prizes and although I can appreciate the heaviness compared to the Caravaggio study I am still proud of it.

Figure 11 Boy 22.5 x 30 oil on board



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