Dear Cleo 18 10 10

Dear Cleo

On Sunday I went to the National Gallery and the V&A to look at the Raphael’s, I suppose to really study Raphael’s work you have to go to Rome. I am hatching a plan to go there in the spring. I would have gone in November but Paris beckoned.

I am quite familiar with Raphael’s drawings from my previous studies and it seems from reading, that the drawings are more Raphael than the later paintings as he had a large workshop who completed the painting paintings from his original designs probably in a similar way to Warhol’s factory.

Figure 1 St Catherine of Alexandria

My favourite in the National Gallery was St Catherine of Alexandria, it is about A1 in size and painted in oils on a wooden panel she looks so natural and relaxed standing there leaning on her wheel and the red of her cloak contrasts so well with the greens in the picture. The wheel is a symbol of the miracle and it is almost a comic book frame from the life of St Catherine.

I was so taken by it I bought a small poster of it in the shop, I will bring it with me at the weekend to show you. See you then.

My love as always


Mickos xx



Gallery Visits

The National Gallery Room 61

The Victoria and Albert Museum Raphael Court



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2 thoughts on “Dear Cleo 18 10 10”

  1. I also think it is beautiful. I must apologise for my bad manners in only just thanking you for the stunning painting of Venice. I am in the process of having it framed I will send you a picture when it is finished. I do enjoy reading your letters ,your grandchildren are very lucky. Maybe see you at Louise’s sometime with your mum ,


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