Dear Cleo and Loz 18 06 18

Dearest Cleo and Loz

Thank you for your help in collaborating with me in completing Assignment 5.

As the collaborator I get to title the final pieces and to decide which way up they should be hung. I could go on and discuss each piece making comparisons with the work of other artists and mark making techniques and the reasons why the game has comparisons to chess and Exquisite Corpse. All that was not the concept of the original game and to super impose meaning on what is a record of a process seems false.

I have chosen to give them obscure titles so as not to influence the viewer’s perception of the pieces.

Figure 1 Drawing number 1, various media on A5 cartridge Loz and Mickos

Figure 2 Drawing number 2, various media on A5 cartridge Cleo and Mickos

Once again thanks to both of you for your help and perseverance

My love as always

Mickos xx




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