Dear Cleo 17 10 27

Dear Cleo

It was good to catch up this morning don’t worry that you haven’t got your letter yet it will probably come on Monday.

These are the pictures that nearly didn’t make it into project one but were too good not to include.

Figure 01(17 10 28 01)  A picture that is worth 25 words Digital photograph

Figure 02 (17 10 28 02) The snail, after Matisse at the Courtauld  Digital photograph

Figure 03(17 10 28 03) Costa Bananas Digital photograph

Figure 04 (17 10 28 04) Eclipse the Courtauld Digital photograph

Figure 05 (17 10 28 05) Stairways to heaven flights 1, 2 and3 Digital photograph

Figure 06 (17 10 28 06) Remembrance weak dawn Digital photograph

Figure 07 (17 10 28 07) Not one of Cornelias arsonist unknown Digital photograph

Since we met earlier, my right arm has been savaged by the dog from the Omen no treat, big trick the police and A&E had starring roles but I can still draw and the antibiotics accentuate my synthesesia


Love as always

Mickos xx


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