Dear Cleo 17 08 17

Dearest Cleo

I just spoke to your Mummy on the phone she has to go to Exeter on Saturday which means I get to drive you round to where you are going then, so we will probably get to do something good on the way. Bythe way todays date is the same backwards and forwards, I think it is called a palindrome.

I have been looking at Butada I for a couple of weeks now, I made some A4 prints and experimented with them, I am not overly happy with the results, but I suppose as an experiment they are worth looking at. I felt curiously deflated after completing them; maybe it is the fact that I have become Butada’s curator, everyone who has seen them think Butada’s work is original and exciting. Maybe also, I feel like Mr Derwent, I have fashioned the drawing implement but I can take no pride in the creation of the artist in using that implement.

Perhaps I should take a more connoissurial approach to the mastery of the given materials available, but it still somehow feel a bit Ikea flat pack as the actual design has been done by Butada.

I worked on A4 prints as I was fearful of destroying the beauty that Butada had created, and my and her ability to recreate the same. Anyway for what it is worth these are what Butada I inspired me to do.

Figure 1 (17 08 17 01) Butada I.I, Forms, Ink on photocopy paper

Figure 2 (17 08 17 02) Butada I.II, Her biggest movement, Ink on photocopy paper

Figure 3 (17 08 17 03) Butada I.III, Sketchbook restaurant in time, Ink on photocopy paper

Figure 4 (17 08 17 04) Butada I.IV, The boxer, Ink on photocopy paper

Figure 5 (17 08 17 05) Butada I.V, Landscape with hieroglyphs, wax crayon on photocopy paper

Figure 6 (17 08 17 06) Butada I.VI, Pieta with slipped halos, ink on photocopy paper

Figure 7 (17 08 17 07) Butada I.VII, Dream of the future of drawing, collage on photocopy paper

Figure 8 (17 08 17 08) Butada I.VIII, The Black hole Bull, ink on photocopy paper

Of all the foregoing, the one that excites me the most is the last one, with all our modern technology we can now map the black holes in the heavens, but the poetry has left the science of astronomy and astrology is a thing of the past. Do black holes influence our lives or do the ancient poetical signs of the zodiac overrule them? I think in my inability to be fully inspired by Butada I, I have fallen into my own personal black hole.

Don’t worry my darling; the old familiar Mickos will be back on the horse by the weekend.

All my love as always

Mickos xx






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