Dear Cleo 17 04 23

Dearest Cleo

I was sorry to have missed you at the weekend but I had booked to go on a study visit in Manchester. I will catch up with you at the weekend and give you the small present I brought back for you.

I went on the train to Manchester which gave me time to catch up on my reading and I did a few sketches on the train.

Figure 1 (17 04 23 01) Inter-city, graphite on A5 cartridge

I used the structure of the train as a compositional device to give the right hand margin to the sketch a la Blackadder and I am consciously trying to emphasise the wirey open feel that my tutor was keen on when viewing my sketchbooks from part 1. When I was on the train it felt quite spacious but I think the sketch reveals a claustrophobic crowded space that feels quite cramped. It is a new thing for me to be thinking of my sketches like this, and perhaps it is a good thing because it is introducing self critical thought earlier into my creative process.

Figure 2 (17 04 23 02) Landscape, graphite on A6 cartridge

This is an experimental sketch out of my head, I am just practicing with using the wax crayons and I am trying to do sketches from memory and invention.

Figure 3 (17 04 23 03) Reading a heavy book, graphite on A5 cartridge

This is my thoughts on Petherbridge on the train on the way to the exhibition, the only comfortable way I have found to read her weighty book, “The Primacy of Drawing” is to do so sitting on the floor. The figures in my head are very slowly becoming more lifelike, it probably won’t be long before I start listening to their voices. In previous times this sketch would have been consigned to the bin but I now think it is necessary to trace the evolution of the figures in my head. I am already beginning to see the difference between the wirey and the scribbley, the wirey people are in the  process of evolving from the scribbly people.

Well that just about covers the journey to the exhibition, tomorrow I will write to you about the exhibition proper and my thoughts and feelings about it. I hope you are looking forward to it with baited breath. Oh I almost forgot, I saw your Aunty Loz at the weekend and she sends her love also.

Love as always


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