Dear Cleo 17 03 04

Dearest Cleo

It was lovely to see you this morning I love the way you explain things to me so earnestly so that I will be sure to remember them. Since then, I have been busy all day playing with my sketchbook and these are what I created I started by drawing the muscle shells from my lunch I left a few uneaten to break up the darkness of them.


Figure 1 (17 03 04 01) Muscles, ink and graphite on A4 cartridge

I usually photograph the drawings and get them neat and square in Photoshop but I was playing around with the framing angles and liked the effect they had so I photographed the drawing in several ways and Photoshopped those too


Figure 2 (17 03 04 02) Muscles, ink and graphite and framing angles 1 computer generated image


Figure 3 (17 03 04 03) Muscles, ink and graphite and framing angles 2 computer generated image

I think it is a bit of a throwback to the last exercise where the 2 dimensional card shapes flatten the image and make it more decorative, the hard edges contrasting with the organic forms of the muscle shells. It is also a way of ensuring that the forms go right to the edge of the picture plane and that the subject becomes the background.

The white edges around the forms of the muscles, is a technique Cezanne was fond of that I picked up watching a video on Youtube by Tom Keating.

With all this creativity I was getting quite peckish so I had a plate of Gigantees I usually eat them cold, which gave me plenty of time to draw them before I ate them.


Figure 4 (17 03 04 04) Gigantees 1 ink and graphite on A4 cartridge

This got me musing on people putting pictures of food on the internet and how artists have been making paintings of food for centuries, and if there is any correlation between the two, and am I turning into one of the people who put pictures of food on the internet. I developed the drawing into this,


Figure 5 (17 03 04 05) Gigantees 2 ink and graphite on A4 cartridge

And then this.


Figure 6 (17 03 04 06) Gigantees 3 ink on A4 cartridge

Well that it for today darling sleep tight




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